End Child Trafficking


Join the Fight; together we can end child trafficking.

Every year over 1 million children are taken into slavery and sexual exploitation.

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Alliance Aid International is a global charity focussed on ending child trafficking around the World and encompasses three main areas of operations to reach this goal. 

Investigation - Interruption - Education

By incorporating an all inclusive strategic approach to the fight against child trafficking, Alliance Aid and its partners is able to ensure that traffickers are undermined on all fronts of the trade.


Traffickers operate in the shadows, shying away from the sights of the general public and law enforcement agencies and often masking their activities to blend with the normalities of every day life and the society at large.

Alliance Aid's investigatory function looks to uncover these operations and share information with those working against the trade so that strategically focussed and adaptive practices can be enabled.

Through both general research and by covert intelligence gathering Alliance Aid has been able to accumulate a wealth of actionable information on those involved throughout the complete supply chain of the trafficking life cycle.

Whether it be an in depth understanding of the demographics of those most susceptible to being victimised by these crimes or the practices carried out by the criminals themselves, Alliance Aid's work aims to uncover a wealth of information and insight that can support the industries ultimate decimation.

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Many have joined the fight to end child trafficking, whether it be as simple as spreading the word or donating money to actively interrupting the activities of traffickers and their horrific enterprise.

From the Hero Nuns of the Talitha Kum or the forceful intervention of specialist security personnel to the safety of sactuary carers, every opportunity can be taken to exit those in need and every action brought to force.

Alliance Aid is at the heart of these activities bringing the full weight of Alliance Group personnel and resource to ensure that every element, every illicit act feels the the force of those dedicated and united against them.

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All to often those fanning the flames of these crimes are unaware of their involvement and act unwittingly to their prevalence.

Much of the time, traffickers rely on us being unaware that our everyday interactions enable them to exist and enjoy and adapt their operations to our very own environment.

By shining a light on how every person, each member of society can help; by highlighting how seemingly victimless activities perpetuate these atrocities we can suffocate the need for trafficked children.