End Child Trafficking

About Us

Welcome to Alliance Aid International; together we can end child trafficking.

Every year over 1 million children are taken into slavery and sexual exploitation, their childhood ripped away from them and replaced with emptiness, fear and pain.


"There are at least 27 Million Slaves in this World Today"


Alliance Aid is an international charity dedicated to the fight against child trafficking and bringing an end to this horrific crime.

A unique approach ensures that every activity taken by Alliance, its partners and members delivers the heaviest blow to traffickers.


"Fastest Growing Organised Crime"


What makes Alliance Aid particulary different is how operations are financed.  100% of the organisation's expenses are paid for by Alliance Group, the global insurance and financial services company, which means that 100% of the funds raised by the charity goes directly to the fight against trafficking and supporters of Alliance Aid can be confident that every ounce of effort they pledge creates the largest impact.


Join the Fight


All over the World people are joining the fight to end child trafficking, uniting in Alliance with the knowledge that together we are stronger; together we can find the tools to overcome and that between us we will be able to shine a light upon the darkness.


To find out more about Alliance Aid International and how you can join the fight CONTACT us today